Peel away (with love) Gift wrap and a skirt fit for a princess

It was the birthday of one of Ishaan’s oldest and sweetest friends – darling Anya who turned seven, making it time to pull out the gift-wrap and turn out something exciting.

I bought some vibrant coloured crepe paper – each sheet for the princely  sum of five rupees – some bars of chocolate, a few rolls of shiny cellotape and we were set. Ishaan painted in a picture of a princess from a colouring book and we stuck some gaudy sequins on the princess’ orange bodice – and kept it aside to be used for the gift bag.

Then it was time to pack the gift. I had bought a Madhubani painting kit for Anya from Kavade earlier, as she is very good at painting. This is what we did –

Step 1: Wrapped the gift and stuck on a maze. Shiny cellotape added some cheer.

Step 2: Covered the maze with yellow crepe paper and stuck on a few bars of chocolate, that the birthday girl likes. Had to give my two a bar each as well.

A final wrap with green crepe paper and some ribbon. Tacked on a lovely gift tag I had with me - princess crown and all.

Anya shares her lovely grown-out-of-clothes with Laila, and so in a small gesture of thanks I decided to make her a ‘dress-up’ fairy skirt (copied from a purple one Laila has) – with my own two hands. It was very simple. And very satisfying.

This is the original - the sweetest skirt ever.

Here's the copy, which thankfully turned out alright. Have a few requests to make more - from my daughter and her two best friends - the neighbour's kid and my maid's kid.

I had loads of this white ribbon lying in my workshop from forever and also had a bunch of nice, red flowers. I looked closely at the original, and realised that all it took was to tie the ribbon to some elastic cord and then sew on the flowers.

Once done I ironed out the ribbons, to get them to fall in the same direction – and that’s it. I can safely claim to have made my first skirt ever!

P.S. The only time I needed the help of a sewing machine was when I had to make the elastic waistband.

Tying these knots was easy after the first few attempts. And very fulfilling 🙂

If I could, I would have eaten these flowers.

acting busy...

Both gifts were popped into a brown bag, onto which I stuck Ishaan’s painting and we were done. I hope Anya enjoys all of this as much as we enjoyed putting it together for her  🙂

A girly wrap for a girly skirt

Safe and sound in the gift bag - we're ready to go.

What is a pleasant surprise is how much the kids seem to love doing this as well. Even Laila does not sulk and throw a tantrum for the toy we are making or wrapping (she is too busy demanding everything else I guess), and solemnly tries to help.

I am slowly learning why people love to cook (I love to eat, but hate cooking). Not only is doing something with your hands relaxing and therapeutic – I have taken to making my favourite pouches and small bags with a vengeance – there is also great satisfaction and happiness in doing something for someone.

The best things in life are truly free.

P.S. Am off on vacation and will be back soon. Have fun y’all  🙂


2 thoughts on “Peel away (with love) Gift wrap and a skirt fit for a princess

  1. love the multi layered wrapping idea !!! Such fun for the Kids ! Zee I am really getting some great ideas here .. keep it up 🙂

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