The making of ‘Bessie Cow’

Bessie Cow was created for a two-year old, so the stories have lots of noise, movement and play acting – things that younger children really enjoy. The story is a success if it makes her laugh!So get your little one’s ideas and suggestions as much as you can.

There are 2 ways to do this (at least!):

1. You could ask your child for input where ever the words are highlighted. For example, ‘Bessie cow said moo’. The word ‘moo’ is made bold to remind you to ask for the sound a cow makes.

2. I have also put questions down (in italics), which you could ask your little one to make the story more meaningful. Eg. ‘Bessie cow enjoyed her lunch’. (Ask: What can we eat to be strong?)

Ideally, read through the story once before you narrate it. It then becomes a rough guideline, a handy little idea to weave a story around.However DO NOT insist on getting answers if your child does not feel like participating. She may be tired, not interested or may simply want to sit back and listen!  Please remember, there are no right or wrong responses – only happy ones. So if you really want to make this story FUN, then let your child’s imagination soar and take wing – my daughter insists on all animals being pink!

I have noticed that these stories come handy on car rides, while coaxing a meal down a reluctant throat – or any other time when a little distraction help! Give this a shot and I bet you will soon be an expert in making up your own little tales. Feel free to share any particular successes with us at:

Happy storytelling!


One thought on “The making of ‘Bessie Cow’

  1. Pixi: Congratulations !!! I am glad to see you pursue your dreams…..keep up the good work and be an inspiration to others 😉 shaffumama

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