Bessie Cow makes new friends

One morning Bessie cow was walking around the village. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing in the trees.

Bessie cow suddenly spotted some dogs playing down the lane. They were running around and having fun.

She could hearing them barking – Bow, wow, bow, wow, as they played together.

She thought it would be fun to join them, so she walked up to them.

But when the dogs saw her, they began to tease her and said – ‘Bow, wow, you silly cow – Bow, wow, you silly cow’.

But Bessie cow didn’t mind. She began to laugh and said, ‘That’s funny!’

The dogs thought Bessie cow was not so silly after all. They said, ‘Would you like to join us for a game of hide and seek?’ Bessie cow said she would love to play.

So the three dogs – one black, one brown, and one with black and white spots, ran off to hide.

Bessie cow counted to ten – ‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ready or not, I’m coming!’

She soon found the black dog. He was hiding behind a tree.

‘Got you!’ she said.

They then spied the black and white spotted dog. He was crouching under a bush. ‘Got you!’ said Bessie cow.

Now she and the other two dogs had to look very hard for the brown dog. He had hidden himself very well.

They looked behind trees, they looked under bushesthey even looked up in the trees! At last they spotted his little brown tail, peeping out from behind a big red car.

‘Got you!’ said Bessie cow.

They all played together for some time and then Bessie cow said good-bye as she had to go home.

‘Bow wow you lovely cow’, called the dogs. Bessie cow laughed all the way home.

On a more personal note

When I began this story, I had meant to weave in a little talk about teasing and name calling – but was pleasantly surprised when Laila (who in her mind is Bessie cow), burst out laughing when she heard the ‘silly cow’ bit. Sometimes all it takes is a sense of humour to make life easy.


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