About Me

I love to write. Period.

I also love to fiddle around with fabric and buttons and needles and thread. So I design kiddy nightwear for my home-grown brand Fatcat Kids.

I also like teaching. So I volunteer at the Association for People with Disability and teach a bunch of kids English (though they regularly end up teaching me a few things instead!)

And for all this I am grateful. Very grateful 🙂


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i am reading your articles for the first time .zain ! very nice …this is another interesting angle to you !.Good luck .

  2. Dear Zainab – spoken words linger on for some time, but the written word is etched into immortality. I am sure all of us will enjoy reading your insights and writings as much as you enjoy writing them. All the best. Ditu

  3. Real cool- interesting, lively and fun to read. Zainab what other hidden talents do you possess?? Looking forwards to more posts.

  4. Way to Go Pix!!! Good luck always.

    You are truly inspiring!! Makes me want to do get away from the rut and do something diffrerent!! 🙂

  5. You did it and how! The writing is but as lovely as the writer herself. Congratulations on a job well begun. I look forward to reading more of your musings in time to come. Good going, Z. xxx

  6. Pixi !!!!!! went thru the whole blog again in detail and I LOVE IT !!!! You rock.. my friend ..good luck always 🙂

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