I can’t sleep!

It’s three o clock in the morning
And I wake up with a thirst
My head feels all achy
And I’m also wide-awakey

It’s this new project I’ve been stuck on
It’s consuming my entire life
Sucking up every precious moment
Everything new goes under the knife

So I lie awake and go thru
All the things I gotta do
And I’m tossing and I’m turning
And it’s fun and kind of cool.

Then I think of my dear husband
And I feel a pang of guilt
Go to bed, I’m known to tell him
Go to sleep, get forty winks
Go to bed, I badger bully
I can’t sleep! he’s known to wail
Don’t be silly, is my response
Just close your eyes and let yourself sail
Is it the coffee? (I ask meanly)
I’m sure you’ve had too much to drink!
He swears he’s off it, says he was working
That its his mind that’s gone on a blink

And now i lie awake in the morning
It’s turning four and I’m writing this
And I hope I can go back to sleep now
Just after I take my fourth piss.

And so for sometime after tonight
I think l’ll hold my tongue awhile
And cross my fingers and hope this passes
And earn a couple of sleeping miles


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