Sharing is caring.

Image‘Sharing is caring,’ someone reminded K, my friend’s five-year old moppet for the tenth time that day.  

‘Ya, sharing is caring…and caring is daring…and daring is bearing!’ he declared (and closed that topic once and for all).

And there is truth in that wise little man’s version: to share we must care; but to share, we must also dare. Dare to share our stories, our cup cakes and biryanis, our homes and our selves, even as we secretly wonder: ‘Who cares?’

The Right to Write, a book by Julia Cameron, found its way into my life just at the time when I was convinced that I had absolutely nothing worth writing about on my blog. Then I read this line:

“I believe that if one of us cares enough to write something, someone else will care enough to read it. We are all in this together, I believe, and our writing and reading one another is a powerful comfort to us all.”

And it gave me courage to start writing again. (For anyone who has wanted to put pen to paper, this is the book to read.)

And on that note, there’s some good news on the home front: Ishaan has started to eat pizza – with cheese (he’s hated cheese till now) and is also progressing to eat a stray burger every once in a while.

(I know, I know, I should be thrilled that he’s not into junk food…but hey, every once in a way, it makes life so easy!)

But of course, as this conversation shows, he still has a long way to go.

Ishaan is enjoying his burger, hitherto a rare sight.
‘Like it’  we ask.
‘It’s the second best burger I’ve eaten…ever,’ he declares.
‘Good! And which is the first?’
‘I haven’t eaten that yet,’ he announces (still thankfully, eating).

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