Marriage blues

‘Why do people get married Mama?’

Ishaan is six, shy, curious and repulsed by the whole marriage thingie. His recently turned seven-year old self would shudder in disgust if we were to remind him of the time when he considered Sister a suitable match.

‘So that they can spend their lives with a friend Ishaan, instead of being alone.’

‘But I don’t want you to die!’ he cries, sufficiently moved by the mortality of his parents. I assure him we’re going nowhere for a (hopefully) long, long time.

‘But I want to live with you always Mama,’ he moans.

‘You can live above us,’ I suggest brightly.

‘No… I want to live in the same house with you,’ he insists.

‘Ok,’ I give up. ‘You can live with us.’

‘But…where’s…the…place?!’ he wails. Our three-bedroom flat clearly does not cut it for him.

It’s a valid point. Even seven-year olds need some privacy.

‘We’ll talk about it later,’ I say, demonstrating a handy life skill (especially useful for marital success) of relegating important issues to the back-burner.

He wanders off as I savour the deliciousness of being wanted, secure in the knowledge that for a few years at least, my little boy is all mine.


2 thoughts on “Marriage blues

  1. Zainab, this makes me teary! My children are also quite distressed with the concept that mommy and daddy will probably die before them. Our odds are good! And we often promise them we’ll live together forever too. We all know that they’ll get over that by the time they are 16. I’m thinking of recording and documenting their signing our non-negotiable contract.

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