Laila’s band-aid

‘Mama…,’ a loud wail comes from the sofa.

She points at a little dot of a scab, all dried up now, and slightly poky.

‘What’s this?’

She’s crying now: her face a picture of panic.

‘It’s only a scab jaan – your hurty has dried up, that’s all.’

‘Noooo…’ she insists. ‘I don’t like it.’

‘Shall I put a nice little band-aid on?’

‘No…’ she wails again, shaking her curly mop decisively.

‘Are you sure?’ I try again.

‘I sure,’ she whimpers.

I kiss the little dip at her ankle where the offending spot sits. She loses interest in the subject and goes back to watching Dora.

A grammatically incorrect sentence has made my day.

Motherhood is a strange animal.


5 thoughts on “Laila’s band-aid

  1. Awwwww…

    Mine milked her scab for a week, till it was gone by screwing up her face and saying ‘Mama, Hurty. Bhaiyya trubbling’ (he had pushed her and caused the injury) *rolls eyes*

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