And to end it all…a shoot-out in Barcelona.

It was our last day and we soon realised that the protest at Plaza Catalunya had turned serious. The place was blanketed by cops and ambulances and helicopters were threateningly flying over head, even as the crowd ignored it all and continued to shout and wave their banners.

And then without any warning, we heard gun shots. Cop vans (mercifully on the other side of the road) raced along the street, opened their doors – and fired rubber bullets into the public! People were running by now and some of the bolder protestors ran alongside, throwing stones at the vans.

It was all over in a few minutes as apparently the cops had swooped down and picked up the key protestors, thereby hoping to break up the demonstration. Not a very successful tactic, as the numbers instantly doubled by nightfall.

The sad part was that most of the people on the sidewalks (the people the police were firing at) were tourists, who like us, couldn’t believe this was happening.

But life goes on. Everything was back to normal within an hour, and we spent the rest of the day quite peacefully. Though we were left with a not-so-gentle reminder, that everything is not as perfect as it seems, even in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

On a happier note, we walked past Casa Batlo, a building by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The balconies were constructed to resemble skulls and the columns look like bones.

La Pedrera - another of Gaudi's buildings and equally distinctive. I love his unique style, colourful mosaic work and total eccentricity. When the kids are older, we will do a proper pilgrimage.

So that’s it on the holiday front folks.

See ya around 🙂


3 thoughts on “And to end it all…a shoot-out in Barcelona.

  1. what?! have you been vacationing for the last two months! i have lots to catch up on. the photos look fabulous and it looks like you covered a lot of territory!!!

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