Bessie cow and Raju the auto

One day Bessie cow’s mama took her to the library (explain about libraries). A library is a place which has many books. We can take a book home to read and return it to the library when we have finished. We can then take another book and another.

When they reached the library, Bessie cow looked at the books meant for children. There were many books. There were books about toys, books about animals, colours, shapes, numbers and vehicles like trains and cars.

While Bessie cow was looking, a little yellow book fell off the shelf. Bessie cow picked it up. It was a book about a little yellow auto, called Raju.

Raju was a naughty little auto who loved to drive fast. His mama and dada always told him, ‘Raju, you really must drive more carefully’. Raju said, ‘alright,’ but he continued to zip around – broom, broom, broom, as fast as he could.

One day, Raju’s first passenger was a little girl who wanted to go to school. Raju said, ‘hop in’, and sped off. The little girl was scared. She said, ‘please go slower’, but Raju didn’t slow down. He went faster and faster – broom, broom, broom, brooooom!

Suddenly a little dog ran across the road. Raju had to come to a sudden stop. The little girl almost fell out of the auto. She began to cry. Raju was very sorry. He said, ‘I promise that I will drive slowly and get you to school safe’.

From that day on Raju drove around carefully and carried his passengers to and fro as safely as he could.

Bessie cow took the Raju auto book home and her mama read it to her again. They both enjoyed the story about Raju, the naughty auto, very much.


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