But she’s actually a witch!

Little girls and princesses. It’s a match made in heaven. And my Laila’s no different.

‘I want a Barbie cake Mama,’ she announced today. Birthday No. 3 is coming up.

‘Not Barbie sweetheart, why don’t you get Elmo instead?’

Then I make a cardinal mistake. ‘Barbie’s not so nice anyway.’

‘But I like her,’ an indignant voice wails. ‘I want her. She’s a princess.’

Sigh. ‘Ok, maybe for your next birthday.’

We discuss princesses. They wear frocks I am informed – pink, purple and orange. Then she springs a surprise.

‘But princesses are actually witches Mama.’

She can’t answer why. She just knows. And adds that witches wear dirty frocks. And have pointy hats.

The conversation ends on that note.

I mull over it a bit and come to the conclusion that maybe Laila has guessed in her baby way, that she can be both – ‘Dada’s princess’ as well as a ‘Naughty girl.’

And that it’s ok.


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