‘Moments in Movements’ – Beautiful memories frozen in time

I am surrounded by some truly talented people.

Kishen Nanjappa, a dear friend and the man behind a unique concept called ‘Moments in Movements’ is one such individual. Kishen is an ace photographer and his USP is the natural photos that he takes – whether of animals, the outdoors or children (the last being notoriously difficult to photograph).

After taking umpteen shots of all our kids for free, he has at last decided to offer his services professionally. He recently made the most adorable little photo-book for my daughter (which is already well-thumbed) and makes my three-year old feel like a real princess. The soft copies of said book, have of course been sent to friends and family all over (thank god for FB!) by one very proud mother.

He can take any kind of pictures of course:

– behind-the-scenes shots at a wedding (and the more fun part – the run-up to it)

– a package deal that will cover the first year of your little one over a stipulated number of sessions – eg. birth, head-shaving ceremony, @ six months, @ the first birthday – though the choice of what you may want covered is yours.

– and most exciting of all – a holiday-photo service that has him travel along with the family for the 1st  day or two of the vacation (travel and stay extra) and capture the entire family at their relaxed best. No more missing family members – my poor husband is never in any of our shots – yahoo!

All the best Kishen. May you and your trusty camera continue to capture and record the special moments of many, many lives.

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