Bessie cow and Mary’s little lamb

One day Bessie cow met a little lamb in the field. He was Mary’s little lamb, from the nursery rhyme – Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow.

‘Hello’, said Bessie cow. ‘It’s really nice to meet you Mary’s little lamb. What’s your name?’

But the poor little lamb did not know. He said his mama had given him a name,  but he had forgotten it, as everyone called him Mary’s “little lamb” for the longest time.

‘Why don’t we try and find it?’ Bessie cow said. She began to suggest a few names.

‘Is it Woolly?’ she asked, because of his thick fleece. But the lamb shook his head.

‘Is it Leo’, she asked, as a lot of lambs were called Leo. ‘No’, said the little lamb.

‘Is it Snowy?’ she asked. ‘Yes! That’s it’, said the little lamb. ‘She called me Snowy because of my white fleece coat.’

Bessie cow asked the little lamb how he kept his ‘fleece as white as snow’ ?

‘I have a bath everyday’, said the lamb solemnly. ‘It is very nice to have a clean, white fleece coat.

‘Do you really follow her to school?’ asked Bessie cow.

‘Yes, said the lamb. ‘It makes the children laugh and play, to see a lamb at school’.

Snowy soon had to leave as Mary was off to school – and he had to go with her.

‘Goodbye’, they said to each other.

‘Remember your name now, Snowy’, said Bessie cow. ‘Have fun in school! ‘

p.s. Big shout of thanks to my friend Ree, who sculpted the adorable little Bessie cow’s that you see in the picture above – out of fondant, sugar and all things nice. She runs Cupcakeree and we are frequently the lucky benefactor of all her works of art 🙂 Insure those hands woman. Now.


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