Book Review: “All and Nothing” by Raksha Bharadia

I enjoyed this book more than I would have imagined. It is written in no-frills, unpretentious language that is easy to read. Making it the perfect ‘in-between’ book if you’re crawling through something heavy while also doubling up as the ideal companion for a short flight, a home-alone evening (those rare precious moments!) or a wait at the doctor’s.

Because the beauty of this book is that is focuses on its stories. And they are gripping ones. Firmly about the people’s that people Urban India, ‘All and Nothing’ is all about relationships and how they torture us, almost kill us, and occasionally redeem us, and is instantly identifiable and quite unputdownable.

A battered house-wife struggles to find herself, an obsessive lover tried to over-come her obsession, a drifter comes to terms with the outcome of his drifting – the characters draw you in and you can’t wait to find out what happens to them in the end.

A short, simple and moving story. I like.


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