The power of gratitude

A part of my kid’s bedtime routine is to say their prayers and then give thanks for all the nice things that happened to them that day. My son normally rushes through this. His standard phrase is “Thank you god for playing. And playing.” Though every once in a while (when he’s really had fun) he will stop and say thank you for those special moments as well.

My daughter on the other hand loves this little game, as I think she sees it. So after the standard “Thank you god for mama-bama”  (everything must rhyme) – she invariable recalls the different bits of the day which she particularly enjoyed – “Thank you god for eating candy” or “Thank you god for going to Teju house”  and then falls back on her pillow and pretends to snore her head off. She’s cute, my daughter.

However, giving thanks was never really a part of my growing years. Instead I was always asking, begging and pleading for things.
Please let it rain and have them close school, so the exam can be cancelled.
Please clear up these pimply pimples.
Please help me find the man of my dreams. And so on.

It’s only been a few years since I stumbled upon the deep and life-altering power of gratitude. One of my favourite blogs, Soule Mama, is a good example of this. The blog chronicles the life and daily adventures of an ordinary family, but to me what is so un-ordinary and wonderful is their ability to find beauty, love and happiness in the smallest of things.

That much hyped book, ‘The Secret’ was actually the first baby step in this direction. It convincingly explains how the act of giving heartfelt thanks for all the good in our lives (and there is always some, in every situation), only attracts more of the same. This is the circle of life. And it’s simple.

This morning however was one of those days, when you wake up tired even after a full night’s sleep and nothing looks good.  It’s been a busy week I guess and my back is hurting – nothing like a little pain to keep you in the moment, eh?  I didn’t feel like doing anything. In a not so nice way.

The view from my balcony saved the day.

My favourite tree was dancing in the warm sunshine. A flock of birds scattered across the sky, cheerful little arrows marking the sky.  The house was comforting and restful. And after a few moments of quiet contemplation, I felt it. A lightness in my chest. A slow sense of contentment and peace.

And involuntarily, I did, what I now love to do. I said a quiet ‘thank you.’

And then I sat down to write this post.


4 thoughts on “The power of gratitude

  1. One of the first things i am going to teach A is say a prayer before she goes to sleep. I think once they do it when they are little, it becomes a lifelong habit 🙂 Lovely post!

  2. Hey Z,
    That was really sweet 🙂 I thoroughly enjoying reading your blog whenever I can 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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