Carpe diem

Do you also wake up in the morning with a hundred things running through your head, as you try to plan your day even before you are properly awake?

Make breakfast. Check.
Pack lunch and send homework assignment. Check.
Drop kid off to the bus-stop. Check.
Finish morning walk in the 30 minute slot that hangs over your head like Damocles sword. Check.
Get the little one ready for school. Check.
Rush off (late as always) to drop her off to school. Check.
Take a deep breath and calm down.

Ok, so it’s not called the morning rush hour for nothing. But then the morning is also the most beautiful part of the day, and I am most times too busy to even notice it.

The most relaxing holiday we ever had, was almost two years ago, when we spent one long week in Phuket.

Doing nothing.

As we had done Phuket earlier, we did not do a single ‘touristy’ thing. We slept early, ate well, spent the day with the kids at the pool or at the beach, and in doing so we got up nice and bright every morning, and began our day with a fabulous breakfast surrounded by birdies and trees and a general feeling of aal-izz-well.

To top it all, I was reading the ultimate chick-lit cum philosophy cum self-help book, that bible that every woman must read – Eat, Pray, Love – and it’s message of keeping it simple and real, stayed with me.

So now, every once in a way, I try to slow down and just enjoy the moment.

A well-deserved cup of mid-morning tea, whilst I sit back and admire the beautiful spatodia tree touching my balcony, awash with orange blossoms, that are mine to admire and love. A half-hour of cuddling and giggling with my clever little daughter, as she cuts my hair and presses my back and makes me soup in her pink tea set. A nice, hot shower, where I allow myself to feel the water run down my back, and consciously tune everything else out, is all that it takes to light up the moment.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a creature of routine and habit. I like to eat the same thing for breakfast most days of the week. I like to plan my week in advance and update my check-lists.

But what I want most is to enjoy the little luxuries and treasures that are mine for the taking. Because when I put my weary head to my pillow, I want to be able to give thanks for a day well spent.

And not drift off to sleep planning a repeat of today, tomorrow.


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