Market show

The annual ‘Cox Town Market Show’ kicks off on the 1st of January every year.
A colourful affair organised around the local market place, its main streets are buzzing with people bringing in the New Year with the two things that all human beings enjoy – shopping and eating.

So you have the familiar sound of kids whining away for every junky toy on display, housewives lusting after the mountains of plastic buckets, stools, baskets and containers of every size piled up on the road, grandmothers buying fresh jasmine for their hair whilst they gossip about their families.

The great Indian family having a great time.

We used to go every year as children, and like every middle class home, our purchases were put into the all-encompassing ‘Showcase’. So that twenty years later when my parents had to move home, they found a treasure trove of cheap porcelain rabbits, dogs and a few chipped glass dolls.

The things we thought were posh.

So we toodled off that evening, to brave the crowds, relive the past, and have some desi fun.

Ishaan tried his luck (twice) with this age old game and tried to get the hoops over the stacks of five rupee and ten rupee notes held together with rubber bands or the thick packets of glucose biscuits. I think he may have even been happy walking off with the pink bars of soap in the end. But of course in all the time we spent there, not one person managed to win anything. No one minded too much.

The bangle seller

This home-made board game was interesting. Ishaan wagered one full rupee on one set of the filmstars pasted on the sheet. The boy dealt three cards. The first two were blank. The last one was a picture of one of the filmstars on the board, that Ishaan did not choose. He couldn’t believe it was all over in a few seconds. Losing your money sucks. At any age.

Clay pots for a little girl who loves her 'chichen sets'

Fun on the merry-go-round

There were fine tooth combs in every shape, size and colour. I liked these, for days when the littles have itchy heads.

This man showed us a set of nifty little rings that can make a million designs. Very cool, but I was doubtful we could pull it off.

Mouth watering plastic

We had a great time. And we shall be back.




2 thoughts on “Market show

  1. Hello Zainab,
    these pictures are so interesting to me! They are giving me that itch to travel and I just wish i were in these pictures!
    I think i would have spent a lot of money at this market! the spirals, the bangles…and of course the game where you ALWAYS lose!
    xo teri

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