You can’t fight Santa.

Ishaan has been asking for a bey blade for the last two months. This new thingie with a fancy name – is nothing but a fancy top! – and has managed to rock the world of every six-year old boy.

For once in our lives the husband and I laid off.
We calmed down.
We talked about it.
We planned our strategy.

And no bey blades materialised like most things normally do.

To say something in our defence (as you must have realised by now that the kids have LOTS of toys and other useless junk that they never use), we are fortunate to have family far and wide, bringing gifts and presents for the offspring out of love and affection.

Ok, understandable.

We also tend to buy the kids stuff on vacation, where they end up buying at least two things every time we travel!

Which is touch wood, often.

So all this adds up to a considerable amount of stuff and before you know it your kid is showing off and boasting about – get this – not his latest acquisition – but his fathers!

This led to banning the purchase of anything ‘bey-blade’ until the upcoming birthday – all the way over in June.

Good for the character. All of ours.

Of course just as things were sailing along nicely, along comes our most generous and loving Aunty M from New York – who promptly buys cute little (grand) nephew exactly what he’s been deprived of.

Sigh. What is a parent to do?

Now he sleeps with the damn thing under his pillow.

So whilst the original big idea of ‘making him learn-the-value-of-money’ etc has been rather unceremoniously washed down the drain, we now have a little boy who has never taken such good care of anything.

You win some, you lose some 🙂

p.s. We told him this was the present Santa had meant to give him all along. So no present under the tree this year. And I was feeling smug.

A few days later more friends arrive laden with toys, clothes – and a watch – another thing he has been really keen on for some time now, and whose purchase I had delayed till the 8th birthday!

In the face of all of this I am tempted to think that Santa lives and breathes and is watching over us after all.

You just have to believe hard enough.

Merry christmas and a Happy New Year. And thank you for sharing this journey with me over the last few months. 🙂


2 thoughts on “You can’t fight Santa.

  1. This post made me smile 🙂 Have you tried hiding the gifts and giving them to him in a phased manner? I know it’s very hard when they are given by friends and that too, in front of him!

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