Bessie cow goes to the zoo

Bessie cow was invited to spend the day at the zoo.
(Ask: What is a zoo?)

She was very excited to meet all the animals there. The first animals she met were the Giraffes.
(Ask: Which is the tallest animal on earth?)

They were playing a game of hide and seek. ‘Come join us Bessie cow,’ they said. But Bessie cow was too big to hide behind a tree.

So she counted – one two three four five six seven eight nine ten – ready or not – I’m coming’ and went off to find the Giraffes hiding behind tall trees. It was a lot of fun.

She then met the monkeys. They were swinging from the trees and playing with each other. They were very excited to see Bessie cow.

‘Give us a ride,’ they begged. Bessie cow asked them to sit on her back and she trotted off as fast as she could.

‘Whee!’ shouted the monkeys.

Bessie cow was tired after all that running around. One of the monkeys scooted up a tree and broke off a coconut. He cracked it open and Bessie cow drank the cool, sweet coconut water and felt refreshed.

‘Come back soon,’ the monkeys called after her as she waved goodbye to them

Bessie cow then met the elephants. They were playing a game of football. Bessie cow choose to be goal keeper. The elephants were very strong and Bessie cow found it hard to stop the ball.
(Ask: Which is the strongest animal in the world?)

After the game, the elephants asked Bessie cow to join them for lunch. The elephants loved sugarcane and they ate it for lunch everyday. Bessie cow enjoyed crunching the sweet sugarcane with her big, white teeth – crrruuunchh, crrruuunchh. Yum!

Now it was time to go home. Bessie cow said good-bye to the elephants. As she was leaving the zoo, she heard a loud ‘Rooooaaar’ behind her. Bessie cow was quite frightened and she looked around quickly.

‘Don’t be scared Bessie cow,’ said a lion from his den. ‘You must come and play with me next time you visit’.

‘Alright Mr Lion,’ said Bessie cow in a small voice and left as soon as she could.

She was certainly not going to play with the lion if she could help it!

On a more personal note ♥

Laila could not get over the fact that Bessie cow went to the zoo – alone! This was a recurrent questions until I told her that just like she went over to our neighbour’s to play with her little friend Doha – on her own – Bessie cow too did the same. That satisfied her. Which has sadly put an end to that incredulous little voice asking – ‘alone?’



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