Growing up…

You can keep her away from as many girlie things as you like.
But you can’t keep the little girl out of her.

Which is what I can see happening to my tomboy Laila, who is a “King-Princess” in her mind, and can’t seem to decide which one she prefers – the king or the princess.

And why should she choose anyway?

(I asked her what princesses do. Her answer was – ‘drink teas.’)

Though of late I think the tomboy is losing ground. I find her gravitating to the mirror and checking herself out in total seriousness – pink sunglasses, Hannah Montana watch that she got as a return present (!)and two hair-bands, one yellow and one black, perched haphazardly on her curly mop – and I realise I am fighting a losing battle.

I am very casual with dressing Laila up anyway. And my maid is both fashion challenged (she loves to pair a prefectly lovely dress with knee length track pants) as well as colour blind.

And she of course, is in charge. So most days Laila is a bit oddly dressed.

I like to think that it will make her less conscious of the way she looks and more focused on other, more important things.

But I think I’m just too lazy to be bothered.

And so up till a month ago she owned just one paid of shoes – much to the horror of the rest of the family. We have bought her another ‘party’ pair, but she’s still mostly in her comfy Dora crocs. Party or no party.

Of course if she’s anything like me, she will probably go on to own a couple of dozens of shoes. I have – ahem – quite a collection.

But there is time enough for that.

For now, let her concentrate on beating up her brother (and his friends) while simultaneously making endless cups of tea in her pink tea-set. After all thats what king-princesses do best.

her first mehendi (she loved it!). sob.


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