We need smarter roads. Not wider roads.

my fellow protestors

And so we shouted as we walked down the road I live on. Residents, shopkeepers, children, all protesting the local governing body’s plan to widen the road, when a little sensible traffic management is all that is required to sort things out.

Rumours are afloat that the mall being built down our road is responsible for this move. Further down we have a size zero flyover, which can accomodate only one small car at a time. When we pointed out the futility of widening a road only to end up in a jam at the skinny, little flyover that is the only exit; the authorities shrugged their shoulders and said – ‘That we will see later madam.’

Huh!? Later? After you break down hard-earned homes, shops and destroy people’s livelihood? Sometimes it makes you want to cry.

But not this time. This time we have risen up (peacefully) and are demanding a rational, scientific and long-term approach to the entire traffic problem that is being used as an excuse to cut down trees and widen our road.

So for whatever it’s worth – we will protest. Make banners. Shout slogans. Meet Coporators, MLA’s, Urban planning authorities. Do whatever it takes. And then and only then surrender our property to yet another callous bull-dozer.

So help us God.

P.S. The march was such fun. We had a band. Ok, maybe just two young boys playing the drums – but with such enthusiasm that it made one want to break out into a ‘porki’ (cheapo) dance. A few kids watching us pass did dance their heads off actually. I urged Ishaan to join in but he was too shy ๐Ÿ™‚

P.P.S. This is why I love India. We curse and complain, rave and rant about our corrupt politicians, the bad roads, the pollution. The list goes on. But what gives me heart is that at least we have a voice. Thanks to the media we get seen and heard – and maybe – just maybe, we can change something for the better.


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