‘By the Water Cooler’ is a quick, fun read

By the Water Cooler

I love Parul Sharma’s blog – Radio Parul – she’s sharp, funny and makes you laugh. So I ran out and bought her book, ‘By the Water Cooler’ soon after it was launched, and I haven’t regretted reading it.

It’s about the life and times of two friends who join a dog-eat-dog kind of company and the adventures they have. From falling in love (and out of it); planning a wedding; to besting the bitch-of-a-boss, it covers this all with flair and wit. A nice book to read between whatever other serious/heavy/long book you may be reading.

I would have loved more details about the office though. It brought back memories of where I worked as well – the slavery, the friendly office boy, the gossiping and the big bad boss. It would have been nice to read about more about the nature of the work and the office environment – but then I guess I’m a girl who just likes details.

Short and sweet, the book is a good read 🙂

Now what I would like to lay my hands on is a book based on Parul’s blog – go for it girl.


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