Fancy a spider?

Or a worm? How about eating a spider web? I did – and they were awesome.

My talented friend Reethika Singh makes them – the cutest, yummiest, gooiest cup cakes in the world. She does a lot else of course – cakes, brownies, chocolate and so on. And the icing on the cake (sorry, i couldn’t resist!) is her classy packaging – all bows and cellophane and nicely written messages.

She also does sugar-free versions (for the weight watchers) and makes them all the time for my husband who is diabetic – and her biggest fan. I have personally never eaten better sugar-free cake/brownies than hers – they don’t taste weird and a bit-off – and are as tasty as the regular variety. Maybe it is because she uses the best ingredients and doesn’t sting on the good stuff.

What ever it is – we like. We like a lot.

p.s. You can contact Reethika at:

These are the exquisitely crafted little spiders that were actually too precious to eat!

gummy bear worms


googly-eyed orange cupcakes with a butter and sugar icing - it took me straight back to my childhood when my favourite snack was a glob of butter mixed with sugar, smeared on a soft, white slice of bread. heaven.

a couple of ghosts, spiders webs and the cutest mummy ever - love the eyes! - made up the awesome spread


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