Cheesy Pasta

Suchi’s recipe for Cheesy pasta (in her own words below)

“After trying and failing innumerable times to make pasta with the all authentic “white sauce” ( which almost always turned out lumpy and/or gooey) ,I came upon this wonderfully easy and error proof recipe from another friend.”

Cheesy pasta (feeds 5-6 kids)

pasta – 2 cups

cheese – 1 cup ( or more depending on taste)

milk – 2 cups

salt – ( to taste)

basil – ( to taste .. chopped)

garlic – ( 6-7 pods or more .. I love it )

mixed veggies – ( 1 cup.. broccoli, mushroom , carrots) ( can be eliminated )

butter – 2 tbl spoons


1. Boil pasta with a little olive oil and salt and keep aside

2. Blend milk, cheese and garlic in a blender

3.  Melt butter in a pan and saute the veggies

4. Add the boiled pasta and cook for a min

5. Add the milk/cheese mixture and cook untill everything has combined well

6. More milk and cheese can be added at this point depending on the texture required

7. Add chopped basil and mix

Happy eating!


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