Bessie cow’s car ride

Laila loves to stand up in the car, and as we don’t have a car seat, we have to keep reminding her to “sit down!” To little effect. On the way to school, I tried this story, and am happy to say it’s working. So far 🙂

Bessie cow’s mama had learnt to drive. She would strap Bessie cow in to the backseat of the car and they would drive off together.

One day Bessie cow’s friends – Preeti cow and her brother Babu the bull came to spend the day. The animals had a lot of fun and soon it was time to go home. Bessie cow’s mama offered to drop her friends off. ‘Come on little cows,’ she said and they all got into the back of the car.

‘Sit back now,’ said mama cow as she started the car. Soon they were driving along the road. Bessie, Preeti and Babu were singing songs and clapping their hands. At a traffic stop, Preeti cow saw a balloon seller on the road and stood up to look out of the window.

‘Sit down Preeti cow,’ said Bessie cow’s mama. But Preeti cow would not listen. Babu the bull wanted to look at the balloons too, and tried to push Preeti cow away from the window. They began to fight.

Bessie cow’s mama could not stop the car as they were in the middle of a lot of traffic. ‘Sit back!’ she said sternly, but Preeti and Babu were yelling at each other so loudly, that they could not hear her.

Suddenly the car ahead of them stopped. Bessie cow’s mama had to brake hard to avoid hitting it. Preeti cow and Babu the bull fell over each other and Preeti cow hit her head against the car door.

She began to cry. ‘My head hurts,’ she wailed. So Bessie cow’s mama drove them to the hospital. The doctor was an old Monkey who checked Preeti cow’s head.

’I think an injection might help you sit more carefully in the future,’ said the doctor with a twinkle in his eye. Poor Preeti cow said she would sit still in the car in future. Babu the bull also solemnly promised never to trouble in the car again. ‘We promise to behave ourselves in future doctor,’ said Bessie cow in a trembly voice.

‘Then I think we can put some ice on the swelling and you will soon feel better,’ said the doctor.

The animals were quiet on the way back home. ‘Always remember to sit back and not move around when someone is driving,’ said Bessie cow’s mama. ‘See what happens when you stand up in a moving car?’

‘We are sorry,’ they all said, and promised to sit carefully in the future.


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