Toilet humour

Recently read a super article in the Crest edition of TOI (read here)  on how many villages in India are refusing to marry their daughters into homes without toilets! Apparently, this has led to a social revolution of sorts, and what got my attention was the story of a village where the menfolk thought it was a thorough waste of money to build loos, as there was adequate greenery around!

So the women took loans, built the toilets and even had a function to commemorate this achievement. The men boycotted it.

Eventually they found that they were saving money on doctors bills and medicine – thanks to the fall in infections the women used to regularly fall prey too – and grudgingly came around.

What they will probably be miffed about next, is the amount of time their women will be spending inside the toilets.

Because as we all know, a loo, is not just a loo. It’s a refuge from the world, from demanding, whiny brats to nagging husbands and over-bearing mothers-in-law (or maids).

I am often found in the loo (reading; nowadays, even writing) and this is a family trait. I call my mum at all hours to invariably get the same response – ‘Amma bathroom mein hain’. Ishaan and Laila too love their potty seats. They sit there, magic slates in hand, talking and chatting, and happily entertaining each other.

Little do the poor menfolk of Mandrul Haveli know what they are in for. Cheers to that!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Toilet humour

  1. I once watched a documentary on NDTV 24/7 that showed men in Haryana going to Kerala villages to look for brides (lack of women due to the skewed sex ratio) and the first condition that these girls put forward is that the boy’s house should have a loo and not a hole in the fields! Smart girls 🙂

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