Another one bites the dust

The morning papers were all screaming about the ‘full and final’ death of the walkman – TOI had it on the front page. Time was when we were cool… hanging out with our friends…grooving to our walkman. Today the Ipod rules. And Sony is forced to close down production of their one-time money spinner – 200 million sold since 1979. (On another note, the iPod has sold 250 million pieces in half that time – great marketing, more disposable income or a good combo of both. Who knows?)

What about all the other stuff that is either already defunct or is heading there? Ishaan was curious to know more about a roll of film! He had never heard of one, till the other day when his grandfather was talking about the old days.

Remember when we would buy movie tickets in ‘black’? The suspense of whether any of those precious pieces of paper were exhausted or available – and then the mad bargaining that would follow – where one was competing shoulder to shoulder, and jostling with otherwise respectable citizens to buy ‘first day first show’ for the latest Shahrukh movie. I wonder what profession the black marketeers (immortalised by Aamir Khan in Rangeela) have switched to now. What ever it is, I m sure it is pretty low on job satisfaction. It must have felt good to have so much power over so many people.

Maruti 800’s, Video cassettes , DVD parlours (who has the time to go pick up a dvd, when you can download/record/pay and watch just about anything with just the flick of a button) are the new dinosaurs.

The old giveth way to the new and all that. It is life’s way. So for those secretly grieving for the demise of one more icon – cheer up. And like the Brit’s say –
The King is  dead.Long live the king.


2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. i can’t help calling the ipod a walkman!! the kids get so mad and can’t seem to figure out why i don’t get it right – but for me, the generic thing is a ‘walkman’ and everything else is a brand name!

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