The best laid plans…are destined to flop!

This may sound weird, but many times I tend to look back with perverse pleasure on experiences which pull me down and put me firmly in my place. A little humbling is always a good thing I guess.

So shortly after I shared my lists and was all preachy about being organised etc etc – it took no time at all for lightning to strike – and that too when I was at my hapless best on our  flight back from Bangkok to Bangalore.Things fell apart spectacularly – because I was thoroughly dis-organised. Yes, in spite of all the lists 🙂

On the penultimate day of our vacation, I always take out a suitable set of clothes for the kids to travel in before we pack our suitcases (the husband does the packing). This time I forgot, Rohaan finished the packing, and the kids – especially Laila – were eventually travelling in most unsuitable stuff. The only clean thing that I could find (without having to take everything out) was a sleeveless dress, that too without a panty. So there she was – bare-legged and diapered, with a flimsy jacket for company.

Five minutes into the flight, I heard the two words I hate hearing anywhere outside of home – ‘potty’s coming’.

Ishaan and I toodled off to the 25 sq ft of bathroom space the aircraft offers and while he chatted pleasantly about what he wants for his birthday (a never ending saga), I was busy trying to fill water from the most impossibly positioned tap into an empty water bottle we managed to fish out from somewhere – so that I could wash his bottom.

That done, I retired to my book for a while, only to be informed by a panicky husband that Laila has done potty – and the diaper has sprung a leak. Now in spite of all my planning (or maybe becoz of it!) I had just put her in the last diaper I had left with me, half an hour ago. Thankfully her clothes were not soiled (as an extra set of clothes were out of the question), but I was still short of a nappy.

Bottom washed (and now bare) I left her on the seat and checked with the airhostess for a diaper. They didn’t have one of course. I desperately suggested hunting down all mothers of small children in the plane and begging for a diaper – but apparently there were no young children on the flight! I set off anyway and luckily found another hostess who had one stashed away somewhere.

Now did I forget to mention that while all this was happening, Offspring No. 1 decided to feel all vomity and was clutching his throat and crying hysterically between trips to the bathroom and back. The husband asked for the handy ear-drops I always carry to offset blocked ears and the like. I recalled last seeing it safely tucked away in my suitcase.

We argued, Ishaan cried, the flight hit every air pocket it could find – you get the drift.

I have now resolved to pack a ‘return journey’ bag in advance and throw it into my suitcase, so that I can pull it out on our last day and have everything I need at my disposal. No more hunting for stuff I have buried somewhere in the suitcase or put away in one of those mysterious hotel drawers, never to be found again.

Now if only I can remember that I have packed one such bag in the first place, I’m sorted.


8 thoughts on “The best laid plans…are destined to flop!

  1. Here’s my take… i often look forward to those unplanned moments! You’re suddenly thinking on your toes – the ideas/solutions you come up with are invariably really novel (read: madly funny) and… when its all over, you have the best story to tell! Hey, you wrote this one, didn’t you?!

  2. hahhaaa !!! Its good to know you are only human .. zee :))) reading this has put me in a very good mood.. so thanks dearie for sharing !

  3. Oh my God, we have a vacation coming up and something tells me, we will be in the same situation (although i am an overpacker myself)! Thanks for the warning 🙂

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