Participating in a contest and all that jazz

Have recently come across a pretty funny blog – Radio Parul – whose author is busy publishing her second book – which looks very promising. And funny. She’s running a contest right now (details here) – which asks for readers to submit anecdotes based on office life. Here is my entry below.

By The Water Cooler

My sister-in-law K works in the high pressure and frenzied world of film production. Her manic and hyper boss H is the stereotype boss from hell – straight out of the movies – but not much fun in real life.

Some time back they were travelling to Delhi for a shoot and K was carrying four lakhs with her toward their expenses. While unpacking in the hotel that night – she discovered she had lost the money. Panicking and terrified, she called H and told him (in hysterics) about what had happened.

‘That’s all?’ he said, without missing a beat. He calmed her down, told her that it ‘didn’t matter’ and for her to check again later when she was feeling better.

Later that day she found the money. When she called him and told him the good news (again in tears!) he simply said, ‘Get ready. I’m coming to pick you up – lets go shopping.’

Suffice to say she still works for him. But as a leopard can’t change it’s spots – neither can H. He is still the old, fiery, pain that makes you want to tear you hair out.

But I think K found something special that day – a friend in the unlikely guise of an aggressive, demanding boss – with the rare ability to display true grace under fire.

And that my friends, is something to hang onto.


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