Travel list for young children (3 – 4 years onwards)

This list has been my faithful companion through both my children’s early years. I use it to pack for the vacation and for the journey – the latter being more important actually, as once you’re in the airport or driving in the midst of no where, laying your hands on stuff you urgently need is next to impossible.

Pick and choose what works for you at the moment, and make it your own. I pack the numbers/quantity of each item based on where we are going and for how long. This is my master list – I make a smaller one of items that need to be packed last minute (kid’s jackets, my cellphone, charger etc),  and then work towards checking everything off.

Frees up my mind and I can concentrate on more important things – like whether I really need to pack that LBD  😉

A         What to wear

Tops, Bottoms, Vests, Underwear, Sweaters, Jackets, Caps, Nightwear, Towels – big and small, Shoes/sandals, Socks, Light quilt/blanket (for cold planes and draughty car rides) Swim wear, Belt, Hair bands, Rubber bands, Favourite watch/trinkets

B         Bath time

Soap, Shampoo, Moisturiser, A small bottle of liquid soap, Cotton buds, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Potty seat (travel size)

C          Feeding

Ziplock bags to carry sugar,salt, snacks. Water bottle/Sippy cup,Tissue paper in a packet or even a toilet roll – great to mop up spills quickly,

D         Food Stuff

Sugar, Salt, Biscuits, Dry fruit, Fruit, Chips, Candy (for meltdowns!)

E         Medicines – get a list from your doctor for most common scenarios – fever, diarrhea, allergies, colds and coughs. Keep updating it as the quantities change as the child grow.

Thermometer – I have a super Braun digital ear thermometer, which a friend bought for me from the U.S. – a bit expensive, but super quick and worth every paisa! Also carry band-aids, cotton wool,mosquito repellant, sunscreen, caladryl lotion (for bites and rashes), a few extra medicine dispensers.

Carry your child’s medical file – or at least xerox the last few pages, so that you have the medical history on hand in a (god forbid) emergency.

F         Others

Nail cutter, Scissors (small), Toys (a few favourites), Travel iron, Torch, Hand sanitiser, Float or arm-bands if we are off to the beach – and most importantly – a Whole Lot of Patience.

These are a few of my favourite things

My trusty Backpack for one, makes life easy whether we are exploring a new city, going to the beach or simply hanging out at the pool, as it has numerous compartments, is sturdy and can be carried on the back as against slinging a heavy baby bag on an (aching) shoulder.

I carry enough zip lock pouches to fill up small quantities of food/liquids that I may need to lug around. I also have a few smaller bags that I throw into the backpack and that can be pulled out the minute I need them. Most of them are waterproof to prevent nasty spills from spreading all over the backpack. Some pouches I have put together (I enjoy this stuff!) are:

A Toilet pouch carries a small bottle of liquid soap, some tissue paper and hand sanitiser.
A Toy bag carries notepads,crayons,books,small toys.
A Bottle bag carries feeding bottles, a bottle brush, ziplock packet of formula, flask with hot water, a small bottle of liquid soap, tissue paper/roll.
A Food bag carries snacks and water bottles.
A Medicine pouch carries emergency medication for the journey – Crocin, ear drops for flights etc.

As you can guess, I love anything that lends itself to being a travel pouch and can’t resist buying them anywhere and everywhere. Anokhi has some great ones in different sizes (with plastic lining). Naraya is another store I must visit when ever we travel to the far-east (Singapore and Thailand have them), where you get an amazing collection of such bags and knickknacks like tissue holders, jewelery pouches, lingerie holders –  heaven. And the best part is they are quite reasonable and make great gifts. Quilted satiny things do it for me I guess 🙂

A Naraya bag

Some of my travel pouches - the dark green and orange ones are hand me downs from my mum, and are my favourites


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