and the holidays approach…

time to get cracking - on the packing

So it’s that time of the year again, when the vacations are deliciously close, yet not fully upon us either. My cue to bring out the beloved, well-thumbed lists – written on slips of paper – and updated over the last few years, as my precious darlings move from one phase of life – from infancy, to toddlerhood, to one headstrong pre-schooler and one full grown little boy. If there is one thing I will never get rid of – it has to be these faded, old lists!

I have put down a couple of lists – baby/toddler list here and a list for young children here. Hope they are helpful  🙂

As we are travelling with other children, I am not planning to carry too many toys. However, can’t resist mulling over what an ‘ideal’ toy travel pack should consist of. It should definitely have:

  • a few favourite books – especially for the little one, who needs a few familiar stories read to her before she sleeps. Will also be carrying a book for poor Ishaan to read a few pages from ever day. Never thought I would be hyper about homework – but have seen him progress so much (touchwood) with a little practise at home (even just 2 small pages make a difference), that I don’t want to stop now.
  • a small pack of crayons and colour pencils (with a sharpner) all stashed away in a cute fabric pouch. Something I could make myself maybe, as am on a sewing trip right now.
  • A few small notepads -4″ by 2″ – at least one for each child. This colouring equipment can lie safely in my purse, making it good for the plane ride as well.
  • the Kavade maze
  • a small Doodlepro pad – Laila loves to draw on it when she is on the potty 🙂
  • Sticker books – have fallen in love with these sweet  (and sadly expensive!) books, as they get Laila to focus (and eat) for upto half an hour sometimes. Perfect for meal times at a restaurant, when she can sometimes (?!)  be embarassingly naughty. Have been meaning to make a few simple ones – about shapes and  animals and run a story through them. Printing services like Printo make the stickers really cheap to make. Sounds easy. Am sure will be a lot more work once I start.
  • a small soft ball to play catch and ‘donkey’ with
  • a few favourite toys of each child, to knock about in the hotel room and fight over, while the husband and I are busy getting ourselves organised
  • Snap cards for L and Trump cards for I

My husband Rohaan, carries just two ‘toys’ with him – the ipad and the itouch. That keeps the kids nicely occupied in their respective prams, while we are out shopping in the malls.Can’t wait to go now   🙂


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