Paint your own gift box

here it is

the other side..

Mamta, a dear friend, and someone blessed with an amazingly creative streak, has shared her latest gift wrapping efforts with us here. Thank you!

* For more info, hold the mouse over the highlighted word.

She and her 6 year old son created this gorgeous box almost out of nothing. They sawed a large boardgame box into half, flattened it, turned it inside out and then pinned it together with a stapler. You can also use cellotape as an option.

Chinmay (her 6 year old son) was given some acrylic paints and like the chip of the old block that he is – he produced a little masterpiece. The inspiration for the robots is  a favourite show he loves to watch.

Mamta made the ribbon and she and Chin tacked on the little paper flower. In the end Chinmay and his cousin were fighting over who would keep the gift box. The gift was long forgotten 🙂


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