Bessie cow learns to throw garbage… in the dustbin

How this story came to be – In my mind Bessie cow lives in a little village in Madumalai and her real name is Basanti. How the kids laughed when I told them this. So Basanti cow it is – though her pet name is Bessie, and thats how we address her in our stories. 🙂

On another note, Laila has been happily rolling down the car windows and chucking tissue paper out the minute she finishes wiping her nose with it. All my threatening/cajoling/explaining didn’t seem to have any effect. So Bessie cow came to the rescue. And I must say it has made it easier for me to remind Laila to ‘keep the ‘kachda’ (garbage) in the car and not dirty up the city’. She mostly listens.



Bessie cow lives in a small village. It is very green and beautiful and is close to the jungle. Bessie cow and her friends Teddy the birdie (aka Tarik) and Sandy the doggie (Sandy is his real name), love to play in their village.

One day a car full of people drove through the village. They said, ‘This is such a beautiful place. Let us stop for lunch here’. The people got down and rolled out a mat which they placed on the green grass. They brought out the food – pizza, biryani, salad and juice. They had carried paper plates and paper glasses to eat from. After finishing their lunch, they got into the car again and drove off.

But they did not take their garbage with them. They green grass was covered with paper plates, paper glasses, pizza boxes, used tissue paper and some left-over food. It looked and smelt dirty.

Bessie cow and her friends soon passed that way. They were very sad to see the mess the people had made. ‘What shall we do?’ they said.

Bessie cow had an idea. ‘Lets clean up’, she said. So the animals began to pick up all the garbage left behind. They collected all the plates, glasses, tissue paper and food, and threw it into the big garbage bin in the village.

They also made a big sign which said ‘No Littering’ and placed it on the grass.
(Ask: What is littering?)

A few days later, another car full of people stopped to have their lunch on the beautiful stretch of grass in the village. After they had finished and were about to leave, one of their children pointed out to the sign. The people picked up all the garbage and put it into plastic bags. They put the bags in their car, to throw in the garbage bin at home, and drove off.

The beautiful village was clean again.


5 thoughts on “Bessie cow learns to throw garbage… in the dustbin

  1. As a stranger to you, an author, I am an expecting mother…18 weeks & thrilled!! I am told that though our babies are still in our bellies, we are to talk to them, sing to them and read to them. So guess what I read to my ‘cherry on the cake’..all your Bessie cow stories. Love the simple way you have penned your stories!! ‘We’ ( my cherry & me) love them!! Thank you Zainab :):)

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