tradition & toys mix well

I recently read about Kavade – a toy store in bangalore, which carries traditional and hand-made toys and games. And was pleasantly surprised with the stuff I found there.

I bought a little wooden maze for Ishaan, where he has to try and get all the little metal balls (about 3), into the inner most circle of the maze. We used to play this so much! I still can’t resist a quick round every time I spot it. And the good news was that he loved it too. I was profusely thanked many times – and then some more  🙂

wooden maze

After eyeing Muthu’s set, I was thrilled to find something similar. Knots and crosses zindabad.

knots and crosses kavade style

I had taken Laila along, who promptly started playing with a set of weighing scales. So we bought it of course. She’s a bit bored with it now. Time to think up a new game around it..

tarazu (weighing scales) with cowrie shells.

stitching kit

The stitching kit on the other hand is a hit with us all – including the maid. Have also picked up a Madhubani painting kit for a little girl whose birthday is coming up.

Not cheap on the whole, but I think it’s nice to pay a little more and buy something ‘local’ – and different. It’s a place definitely worth checking out.

P.S. Loved a board game based on the Ramayan, for children 8 years and above. Was also dying to buy the ‘lagori’ set  (remember seven stones?), but am scared of the violence it may unleash amongst a few 6 year olds I know.


6 thoughts on “tradition & toys mix well

  1. Hi Zainab,
    is it possible to give the address of the store please. I too liked the maze Ishaan was playing with in the bus stop. wouldn’t have minded a game or two myself. :).

    • Sure Mamta. Here it is:
      #143, CKN Chambers
      1st Main Road, Seshadripuram
      Bangalore-560020, Karnataka
      +91 9980022820

      P.S. any luck with the picture of the gift box you made? 🙂

  2. hey .. very cool . Must check out this store for sure .I was shocked when recently my 4 yr old asked me ” mama.. what digital game can I do today “. He meant the TV, computer or his handheld video game ( which are so popular thses days) I would really like to bring tradition back in to our lives.. and what better way than with toys .

    Just wanted to share that another good way to spend fun , quality time with your kids is cooking/baking with them. You will be surprised how much even the boys love it. One of my favourite things to do with my boys is baking 🙂

    • Quite right there Such. And as my baking skills are – ahem – minimal, pls send me the recipes and a few nice pictures of anything interesting you make next time 🙂 and we can share it here.

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