Of imperfect bathrooms and living on top of each other

Just read a beautiful post from Soule Mama – one of the most inspiring blogs ever – where the author talks about how she and her family are actually putting their home together – all on their own. Something unheard of here (thankfully?) but good fun to read about anyway. What I particularly liked was a point someone made about how easy it is to get comfortable with things – even if they are unfinished or not as comfortable or as perfect, as we’d like.

I had recently been obsessing about renovating the bathrooms – putting in pressure pumps, getting a bathing cubicle installed, changing the fittings. I love my bathroom and wanted it to be at it’s luxurious best. But then, the entire process of putting in new pipes, the cost of the damn project and going back and forth with whether I really needed to do this (the bathrooms are fairly new), was all too much.

I shelved the plan.

Now I have decided to doubly enjoy myself in a posh hotel bathroom and not get used to it (and hence make it mundane), at home. Fooling myself? Sour grapes? All I know is that I am happy and contented with my bathroom again.

On the same note, a neighbour moved out of her 3 bedroom duplex flat and rented another smaller, single level one, because she “never saw her children anymore”. The kids (18 and 12) were holed up in their respective rooms and only came out to eat! If she wanted to say something to them – she needed to go up to them. Bad for the knees. Bad for the family.

I loved that she and her husband took such a step and will now get to spend more time, and have their children hanging around them. May not seem so great to the kids, but in the long run I am pretty sure they will look back fondly on these, ‘all piled onto each other’ days. And I can say this with some conviction, because for quite some time while growing up, we were six kids living with 5 adults, in a 3 bedroom flat! A tight fit perhaps – but thats what kept us ‘tight’ with each other as well.

Hope my kids share a room as long as possible . And that my bathroom fetish doesn’t come back after this a vengeance 😉 Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Of imperfect bathrooms and living on top of each other

  1. hmmm.. food for thought there .. about moving in to a smaller flat to be able to see her kids more often . But I can relate .I have heard of a lot parents esp in the US complaining about this as their kids get into the teenage years . And nowadays with the internet /FB and various “other” online distractions its probably wise to keep an eye on them.

    And oh..dont give up on that batroon renovatioon Zee .. It might happen yet 🙂

    • haha… don’t rock my boat yet sucharit 🙂 as for the space thing – one part of me wants to have LOTS more space – for storage! The other wants to continue as is. Such is life 🙂

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