A peaceful little party for an adorable little poppet!

Loved the last party I went for over the week-end with Laila. She loved it too. Nihal was celebrating his 3rd birthday, and his mum Sarita* had invited about 15 kiddies to a relaxed and fun affair on her beautiful terrace garden. Though Nihal has an older brother, this was mainly for the two to three year olds. For once the second little ones (mine included) had their moment in the sun!
* For more info, hold the mouse over the highlighted word.

View of the terrace garden

Streamers decorate the venue

The tent turned into a cute makeshift kitchen

Toy corner with a tub full of toys

There were thoughtful little pockets of activity spread out over the terrace. One corner which saw a lot of action, had a pile of cars, robots, supermen and other knicknacks laid out on a mat. Another area had a child size table with soft toys, placed beside a ‘chattai’ with Lego blocks. A foldable tent housed a kitchen set – an instant hit! A see-saw, small slide and a big bouncing ball were casually strewn around. Nihal’s older brother blew bubbles for the tots. There was a ‘Spin the wheel and make the sounds and actions of the animals’ game, which the birthday boy loved. We also gave the kids a ‘jhula’ or swing ride. They sat on a bed sheet and we swung it about. Good fun.

Bubble blowing

Nursery rhyme theme

The birthday boy gets a 'ride'

Story time

The birthday cake was a bunch of chocolate cup cakes, cleverly arranged to form an adorable little turtle. After the cake was cut, each child simply took a cup cake and went off to eat it! Alphabet cookies, ‘bhutta’, chips, biscuits, spinach quiche for the mums and mixed fruit juice were on the menu – all easy to eat – and wipe off afterwards. Read here for recipes of the yummy cake and chewy alphabet cookies.

The (yummy) spread

A closer look at the food

The adorable turtle cake with 'Nihal' spelt in colourful chocolate alphabets. They were over in a flash!

Going green with resuable plates

I think it’s great that Sarita made a conscious effort to keep things simple and appropriate for the kids. This is easier than it sounds, as we can get so caught up in the minutiae of the party (everything has to be perfect!), that we forget to have a good time ourselves. Not to mention the elaborate stuff that we dream up for our kids, without realising that half the time they don’t even get it!

This calm, easy-going and peaceful affair, perfectly set at the pace of its little guests, was a lovely end to a busy week.

P.S. Attempt this if your child does not mind sharing his toys. 🙂 This birthday boy was a little angel and spent the evening happily pottering around.


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