Halloween recipes

Thank you Muthu for sharing your yummy (and simple) Halloween recipes with us. Here they are:

Pus pearls

Scoop out the insides of some  juicy button mushrooms. Stuff with cheddar cheese. Bake for 15 minutes.

Gory eyeballs

Fill in litchi centers with prunes straight out of a packet.

Bleeding fingers

Buy thick breadsticks and make a groove at one end which becomes your fingernail. Fill with ketchup. If your kids love your sausages, use them instead of breadsticks.

Blood and guts

Boil potatoes and cut them in half. Scoop out the soft insides and mash with salt, pepper and some cheddar. Fill this back into the waiting potato jackets. Grate cheese on top. Use fingers dipped in ketchup to create necessary gore.

The brain

Cauliflower, lots of ketchup and dollops of imagination make a super yucky brain.

Putrid Pie

Can use any Quiche, though this one was brought by a guest who had made them with little faces on each one.

Slime tarts

Store bought lemon tarts

‘Boo’ Cake

Baked by a friend.


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