Bessie Cow goes out to lunch

One day Bessie cow and her mama went to a restaurant to have lunch.
(Ask: What is a restaurant?)

Bessie cow said, “I want some noodles please – it’s my favourite food!”

The waiter set the table. He asked Bessie cow what colour plate she would like. Bessie cow said, “Green please”. So the waiter laid out a green plate, green glass, green fork, green spoon and green napkin for her. He laid out a white set for her mama.

The noodles were ready. They smelt yummy! They were soft and warm, just the way Bessie cow liked them! They had some tasty vegetables in them like carrots, beans, tomatoes and corn. Bessie cow and her mama shared the noodles.
(Ask: Why should we eat vegetables?)

After eating some of the noodles Bessie cow was thirsty. She said, “May I have some juice please?” The waiter brought some cool, orange juice to the table and poured out a big glass for Bessie cow and her mama. He gave Bessie cow a big red straw with which to drink the juice. She slurped it up – slurp, slurp, sluuurp.

The waiter asked if they wanted dessert.
(Ask: What is dessert?)

Bessie cow said, “Lizard – I don’t want a lizard!”

Her mama laughed and said, “Dessert is something sweet that we eat after a meal, like a cake or pastry”. The waiter said he had some chocolate cake, strawberry cake and apple pie for dessert. Bessie cow choose the strawberry cake and her mama choose the chocolate cake.

The waiter brought a nice, big slice of strawberry cake for Bessie cow and a big slice of chocolate cake for her mama. The cake was sweet and gooey. Bessie cow smacked her lips – puuh, puuh and gobbled up her piece.

The waiter asked if they needed anything more. Her mama said, “No thank you. Please bring us the bill”.
(Ask: What is a bill or cheque?)

The waiter brought the bill and Bessie cow’s mama gave him some money.

They said, “Thank you” to the waiter and promised to come back next week. As they were leaving, the waiter gave Bessie cow a big, blue balloon for being such a well behaved little cow.

Bessie cow played with it all the way home.



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