A day in the life of Bessie Cow

Bessie cow(drawn by my son as he watched a video tutorial of how to draw cartoon animals)

Taken from ‘The Adventures of Bessie Cow’. Read more here to get the best out of these stories.

Bessie cow lived with her mama on a small farm. They lived in a barn along with some chickens and two goats. The chickens went cluck, cluck, cluckand the goats went baa, baa, baa, all day long as they played in the farm yard.

On the farm there also lived a little brown dog called Sandy. Bessie cow, Sandy the doggie and a little bird called Teddy the birdie, who lived on a tree in the farm, were best friends.

The farm belonged to an old farmer and his wife. They were very kind and looked after the animals very well. The animals were fed three times a day and were healthy and strong.
(Ask: What are the things we need to eat to be healthy and strong?)

Bessie cow, Sandy the doggie and Teddy the birdie walked to school everyday. They loved going to school and had a lot of fun there. They sang songs and nursery rhymes, played with toys, learnt their ABC’s and numbers
(Cue to sing songs, recite the alphabet, and count numbers).

When they got home from school they ate their lunch and played in the farm yard. At the end of the day, they had warm baths and it was time for bed.

They said, ‘Good night’ to each other and fell fast asleep.
(Ask: Why do we have baths? Why do we need to sleep?)


On a more personal note

The funniest part of this story for me, was when I asked my daughter:

Question : ‘What does a cow eat?’

Answer: ‘Biryani!’


4 thoughts on “A day in the life of Bessie Cow

  1. Hi Zainab,
    Very Sweet blog….Congratulations.
    I read Bessie cow story to my son Nihal and then asked him – “What do cows eat ?” Very promptly came the reply…”Eggs”

  2. Hi Zain
    That Bessie Cow image shall stay imprinted in my mind and everytime i eat Biriyani i will be reminede thanks to Laila baby
    tk care

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